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    This Self-Service Auto Parts Store in Sherwood Oregon is by far the best in town, so many vehicles to get parts from, great prices, polite customer service for all.
    Pick-n-Pull Sherwood. Pick n Pull Sherwood - OR. Pick n Pull Sherwood.
    At Pick n’ Pull Sherwood can get almost any part for almost any vehicle, if they don’t have the vehicle in stock they sure can find it on one of their sister yards across town or across the nation. Pick n Pull Sherwood saves people millions of dollars yearly, the discounts they have on used auto parts are compared to none. Make sure you check out their website for special offers and dates of events, you can save so much if you do.

    When you visit Pick and Pull Sherwood, you need to bring your own tools, this is a self service salvage yard and you have to pull your own parts from the vehicles in the yard, also it is necessary that you bring your own tools, no tools are lend or supplied at Sherwood Pick and Pull. Also if you are thinking on buying an engine or transmission, or any part that you can’t carry on you own, you would need to bring help to carry the part out, the employees at Pick n Pull Sherwood OR are not allowed to help you pull, carry or even load you part to your car, this is done to protect themselves from liability that this may cause.

    The yard is cataloged by domestic and foreign vehicles, cars and trucks/vans, there is also an inventory system that would let you know if the car you are looking for is in the yard or not. Pick n Pull Inventory is very extensive, it would be a good idea to check it on their website ahead of time, also check their price list and make sure you can afford the part prices.


    Address: 19135 SW Pacific Hwy
    Sherwood Oregon

    Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Sat-Sun 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Phone: 503-625-6141


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