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    Just Truck and Van, a Phoenix, Arizona-based salvage yard, has announced upgraded services for customers interested in used trucks and van parts.

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    Buying used car parts has been a useful, more affordable alternative to buying new products that often come at prohibitive prices. With salvage yards constantly offering a wide range of auto parts and auto brands that provide new products becoming increasingly expensive, many vehicle owners are looking for reliable replacements of used vehicles.

    The main misconception that used parts are unsafe and unreliable is poorly displayed by the many car owners who have successfully recycled used parts. Just Truck and Van is a Phoenix salvage yard that offers a wide range of used car parts for trucks and vans and has recently updated its services to promote responsible recycling of auto parts.

    Phoenix offers two options for buying used, full-service and self-service parts. For customers who choose to select and remove the desired parts for themselves, Just Truck and Van currently offers a 25% discount, as well as offering full computer inventory with brand and model exchange options.

    Interested buyers can also choose to have their parts removed by professional technicians and prepared for collection. The company's complete auto parts services include professional part removal and preparation, full customer service, model and model consultation, part cleaning, testing and certification, as well as a standard 101 day warranty.

    Through its website, the company currently offers full access to its inventory for self-service and full-service options. The website also offers visitors the possibility to search the inventory of salvage yards for the used used car part.

    Just Truck and Van also offers vehicle owners a reliable alternative to the sale of their vehicles, currently buying a wide range of models of trucks and vans.

    Stakeholders can find more information by visiting the above mentioned website.

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