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    Muncie U Pull is owned and operated by Midway Auto Parts. Muncie Auto Salvage has been in the Kansas City Kansas area since 1956 and was bought out by Midway in 2013. The salvage yard has been converted to a U Pull yard, the yard is organized and inventoried by make.

    Muncie U-Pull-6345 Kansas Ave Kansas City KS 66111.

    Muncie U Pull is a sister company of Liberty U Pull where we excel with customer service, quality inventory and fair prices. We have a variety of inventory and are constantly trying to provide fresh vehicles to pick from. We have foreign and domestic models and a wide range of years. Our company buys vehicles for the rebuilder we sell, full service parts and self service parts, this ensures that Midway has a wide variety of cars. Remember that we are a recycling facility, when you buy used auto parts you are reusing which is reducing the pollution and materials necessary to produce new automotive parts. Muncie U Pull, Liberty U Pull and Midway Auto Parts recycles every piece we can of our vehicles. I hope we can help you with all your automotive needs, contact us today or come visit us at 6345 Kansas Ave.

    Muncie U Pull is the newest self service auto recycling facility in Kansas City. Providing the KC metro with fresh inventory at a fair price is what we do best. Muncie U Pull prides itself with having fresh inventory along with some classic models. With a heavy supply of trucks, SUV’s and cars customers are sure to find parts they need. We conveniently have a price sheet and inventory list on our website, but feel free to call our sales staff with additional questions. If you prefer fill out a request form and we can answer any questions you may have within 24 hours. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you locate the automotive part that you need. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our self service yard in KCK check out our other self service yard, Liberty U Pull in Liberty, MO. Otherwise search our sister company Midway Auto Parts, they provide the part already pulled and ready for installation. Midway Auto provides several options to our customers so that you are sure to get the part that you need at a fair price. Come check Muncie U Pull, a new Midway Auto Parts facility located at 6345 Kansas Ave, KCK 66111.

    Muncie-U-Pull-6345 Kansas Ave Kansas City KS 66111.

    Muncie U Pull is a self service salvage yard. We provide you with a yard packed full of various trucks, SUV’s and cars that are domestic and foreign models, then you pull the part yourself with your own tools. Visit us in Kansas City, Kansas today and our knowledgeable sales staff will help lead you in the right direction to find the part that you need.

    • Admission into the yard is $2 per person.
    • Each person much sign a release to enter the yard
    • For safety reasons, children are not permitted in the yard
    • We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
    • Every part automatically is priced with a one year warranty, this is 20% of the part price. If you choose to decline the warranty, the part comes with a standard 7 day warranty
    • You can either exchange a part or get store credit, cash or credit card refunds are NOT options
    • There is an environmental fee applied to all parts sales
    • Upon entry of the yard all customers are required to sign a waiver.
    • Alcohol and Drugs are prohibited from our facility. Please know that if we question any customer’s intoxication level we will refuse access to the yard due to safety reasons.
    • Proper attire is required all customers must have on closed toed shoes to enter.
    • The vehicles that are set in the yard are not to be moved in anyway by our customers. If you have an issue pulling a part because of the location or height of a vehicle, you need to locate a member of our staff for assistance.
    • For your safety various areas of the yard are prohibited from entry, we ask all customers to respectfully watch for these signs and keep out of these areas for the safety of our staff and customers.
    1. We provide wheel barrels, carts and dollies for customers to use.
    2. We have a selection of used tools for sale at low prices if you have forgotten a wrench or socket.
    3. Pulling an Engine or Transmission? You just need to disassemble the part and our friendly staff will help you to safely load it into your vehicle. No extra charge necessary, we are glad to help!
    4. Remember to leave your torches, pry bars and jacks at home. We are required to check your tool boxes when you enter and leave our facility so please know that for safety reasons we cannot allow these tools.

    Muncie U Pull 6345 Kansas Ave Kansas City KS 66111.
    "U Bring Tools, U Pull Parts, U Save Money"

    6345 Kansas Ave.
    Kansas City, KS 66111

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Saturday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

    Email us with questions

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    Liberty and Muncie U Pull will be closed for Monday Labor Day. We will see you on the 6th. Muncie will stay open on Sunday the 4th however so come on in. Thank you.
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    Come Visit Us! We are having our 1/2 Price Sale Starting Thursday September 15th through Sunday September 18th!! 50% Off All Parts in the Yard, don't miss it!!
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    To the people that shot paintballs at our front door last night. NICE!!!! I’m glad you were able to express your artistic ability. May a recommend a canvas next time? This way others will be able to see your hidden talent. I’d hate for it to just be wasted on me. Hope you had a great time last night and made it home safe. Your friends at Muncie U Pull
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    What’s better than 60 degree weather in Kansas in November? How about a half-price sale? Liberty U Pull November 10th- 12th Muncie U Pull November 10th-13th Visit us at: For prices and up to date inventory.
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    Still one day left for the half-price sale Sunday at Muncie. Come shop early and you can still make it home in time to watch the Chiefs game
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    Just a reminder that Liberty and Muncie will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great holiday and safe travels. See you back here Friday
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    Don't forget that Muncie U Pull and Liberty U Pull are open Saturday 12/24/2016 from 8am-2pm! And both stores are closed on Monday 12/26/2016. We hope all of our customers have a Happy Holidays! And we will see you back on Tuesday 12/27/2016 at our normal business hours!
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    Midway's Liberty U Pull is now open on Sundays too! To celebrate both Muncie and Liberty both being open on Sunday's, we are having a 25% Off Sale Every Sunday in March. Come Visit Us!
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    Reminder that both Midway's Liberty and Muncie U Pull are now open on Sundays. This is the last Sunday where we are offering 25% OFF all parts in the yard to celebrate! Don't miss this opportunity to save. See you this weekend.
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    The boss was in the office today, Jason Studna look out new management is in place lol.
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    Midway's Muncie & Liberty U Pull will be closed this Sunday to celebrate Easter. Please have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends, we wanted to allow our employees to do the same. Appreciate your business!
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    Click HERE to visit the link posted

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    All You Can Carry Sale on Saturday May 20th! Everything you can Carry for a Flat Fee of $85, check out the rules and details at
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    ⚒ JUNKYARD FORUMS {filename}
    Click HERE to visit the link posted
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    All you can carry sale happening now! 85 dollars all you can carry includes all fees and cores, come visit us today!
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    Liberty and Muncie U pool will be closed for Memorial Day. Have a safe holiday.
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    Muncie U Pull is having a 1/2 Price Sale This Weekend! Visit us Friday through Sunday for 50% Off All Parts in the Yard

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