Honda-Toyota Heaven Full Service Junkyard Fort Worth Texas

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    Honda-Toyota Heaven is a full-service auto recycling center that offers our customers a one stop shop for all of their automotive needs.
    Honda-Toyota Heaven is a full-service salvage yard texas.

    Honda Heaven, or "Honda side" as we call it, was opened in May 2000 by Allen Sturgeon with the help of his father Don, his uncle Ron and his cousin Keith. Allen was 19 when he started firing Honda on a small lot near Arlington. In 2001, after working alone for almost a year, Allen hired a full-time dismantler to help with the growing inventory of yard and customer traffic.

    Later that year, a large piece of property became available in Kennedale, and after seeing the early success of Honda Heaven, Don "Fred" Sturgeon decided to open Toyota Sky. The businesses ran independently until 2006, when a combination of high property taxes and a less-than-ideal Arlington location forced Honda Heaven to look for a new home. When Allen and Don realized the cost savings they would make by combining both businesses in Kennedale's great location, Honda-Toyota Heaven was born.

    Honda-Toyota Heaven is a full-service junkyard forth worth texas.

    The partnership proved to be a winning combination for customers and the Sturgeon family. Two experienced owners working together achieved far more than they could individually, and the business continued to grow. The combination of forces also allowed both businesses to function perfectly, even when Fred took a long break from the company to focus on his health.

    In 2007, a newly married Allen added his girlfriend, Taylor, to the Honda-Toyota Sky staff, and later that year an additional salesman was hired to keep up with the growing demand for Honda and Toyota parts in the Metroplex . When that demand grew even more, Allen and Fred called on Darryl Noe, an old family friend and experienced parts salesman, to join the Honda-Toyota Heaven team.

    Honda-Toyota Heaven is a full-service yard.

    Today, Allen, Fred and Darryl work together to meet customer needs in the front of the store, and foreman Jose Flores fills the role of dismantling the head. The combined experience and talent of the Honda-Toyota Heaven team ensure a professional and professional experience for all our customers.


    Honda-Toyota Heaven is the largest auto recycler in the D / FW metro area that specializes in Honda, Toyota, Acura and Lexus parts and service. Our facility covers six hectares, and we maintain up to 650 recycled cars in stock. And, while Honda and Toyota are our specialty, we also offer parts for hundreds of other makes and models. From a door handle for a Toyota Corolla to a complete engine for an Acura TL, Honda-Toyota Heaven has the parts you need, at a competitive price. If you need a part that we do not have in stock, we will carry out a national search and we will order it for you. To search for a minute inventory of the cars and parts we have in stock, or to order parts, go to our parts search page.

    Honda-Toyota Heaven is a full-service junkyard.


    Sometimes, locating the right part is only half the battle. Finding a reputed store to install at a fair price can be difficult at best, and a horror story at worst. That's why Honda-Toyota Heaven offers installation services for engines and transmissions, including specially designed parts installation packages. If your car needs a trailer, we will make sure it arrives at our store, and include the cost on your final bill. Do you already have a part, but do you need an experienced store to perform the installation? Or is your car malfunctioning and in need of repair? Honda-Toyota Heaven can help. We can recommend a local workshop of local reputation that meets our quality standards and has a good track record with our clients.


    Honda-Toyota Heaven offers our customers free delivery of parts over $ 150, to any repair shop on the Dallas-Ft. Worth the metro area. For our non-local customers, we can arrange to ship anywhere, large or small, anywhere in the country.

    Honda-Toyota Heaven
    6723 Oakcrest Drive East
    Kennedale, TX 76140



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